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Back Porch Music with Fathers and Sons... 

Hey all...It's been awhile, but we've been busy playing with our other band Big Road. Shane has been playing great guitar and Justin has been running sound when he can. Always great to work with them. This is a jam that Shane and I did in our kitchen awhile ago. It's the first installment of a little Youtube video show we are getting up and running we wanted to start with a teaser for music video we are working on. Shane and I are on guitar as we do our version of Gary Clark Jr.'s When My Train Pulls In. We…Read more


In the last few years, our family has established what might seem to be an odd tradition to some--we find a way to head west to Rock Fest in Cadotte, WI. This year...Slipknot. We are all fans. You may ask, "Why? I thought you were blues, funk and soul fans? Are you nuts?" Some may argue positively to the last question, but there is a method to the madness. Again...my sons are to blame. I was dragged kicking...and maybe screaming (eventually everyone does in this world anyway...so we were in company)...into…Read more

How do we do this? 

This is the question...and the biggest story this blog will tell. How do we take this idea--a raw idea--and turn it into something that is viable--something we can market and share with the world? 

We have a story to tell and lots of ideas. We are essentially going to try things and see what works...and what doesn't. AND...we would love your feedback and input. Over the next couple of months, Shane, Justin and I will begin the process of posting songs, videos and other interesting things (to be announced…Read more

Our Story... 


Most of the time things just need to align and the time be right. I never could actually have predicted things would happen this way. I've been in music most all of my life--it's also the thing that brought my wife and I together. Music..always music. The healer and and sometimes the challenge...but always music. 

My sons were born  into this, and in fact both boys were doing gigs before they were born. My oldest son Shane attended his first blues festival when he was just a month old. Later…Read more

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Previous events

Waterways Walk Benefit

Campanile Center, 131 W. Milwaukee Street, Minocqua, WI

A benefit for the May Waterways Walk May 13th in Lac du Flambeau, WI. Mark will be playing with members of Big Road (including Michelle) and very special guests Jim Greene and Dona Yahola. Justin will be running sound. Ticket's $15 at the door.